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Firmware 3.0.0-073
Last Updated 6 months ago

This update includes the following:

1. The system's image recovery file has been replaced, from version 040 to version 072. Even if there are failures in system components, the fallback version will still be 072.
2. Some logic in the system component's judgment has been modified to reduce the occurrence of fallback issues caused by system component failures.
3. The NTP issue has been fixed, aligning the NTP client code with version C31. Strict validation of data returned by NTP servers has been removed to ensure compatibility with non-standard NTP servers. NTP client code has also been synchronized for models without displays.
4. DHCP compatibility issue: After the phone starts up, it requests an IP address based on the VLAN ID in LLDP-MED. If it fails to obtain an IP address multiple times, it will switch to the default network (untagged) to request an IP address. This is to prevent scenarios where the phone is unable to obtain an IP address due to incorrect LLDP settings on the switch.
5. LLDP-MED ON at default in -073 - it can be toggled ON/OFF from the dialpad with **56#

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