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Firmware 3.0.0-061
Last Updated 2 years ago

This version of firmware constitutes Cetis’ 3rd generation of SIP
phones based upon a new chipset and SIP stack. In addition, we are
introducing a set of firmware file name changes with this release. Cetis
SIP firmware follows a naming convention based on model. All Cetis IP
phones share the same base chipset and firmware. Server registration,
SIP messaging, and call control are all the same. The different model
prefixed versions are to accommodate variances in single vs. true 2-line
capability, corded vs. cordless radio handsets and LCD display screen
sizes. and includes numerous enhancements and bug fixes.

Marketing model Firmware model
E100IP, M100IP, ND2100IP CC1
E200IP, M200IP, ND2200IP CC2
9600IP, E103IP, M103IP, NDC2100IP CD1
9602IP, E203IP, M203IP, NDC2200IP CD2
3300IP C31
3302IP C32
3300IP-TRM CT1
3302IP-TRM CT2
9400IP C14 N/A
9402IP C24 N/A

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