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1.x firmware upgrade via configuration file
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In order to update 1.x phones' firmware en-masse

By incorporating the Autoupdate config file module into your existing config files, you can reboot the phones and have them upgrade or downgrade to a different firmware file.

Edit this (attached and below) file to have your correct tftp server in the auto Image Server Field, where this file says

Copy the Autoupdate Config Module section into your existing config files (at the bottom, before the > marker.

Increment your new combined config file Version number by 1 If it’s >Version:2.00025 – rename it to >Version:2.00026, so it will recognize that a newer sequence number 00026 should take precedence and overwrite the older .00025 file.

Cycle power – the phone will reboot, check the new config file version # and apply the changes, which will cause it to download the new firmware and reboot.

However, it will try to download the firmware every time it reboots as long as the config file has this new module in it – so you will see a “Download Failed” error on the screen for 5 seconds after any reboot – just take the firmware file off the tftp server after the upgrades are done to avoid a real firmware download.

Auto Image Server : change to your tftp server
Auto Image Name :SC2-1.8.6-1249.z change to your correct firmware prefix
Auto Image User :
Auto Image Password:
Auto Image Protocol:2
Download Username :user
Download password :pass
Download Server IP :
Config File Key :
Download Protocol :1
Download Mode :0
Download Interval :1

With ALL firmware changes, we strongly recommend that you start by testing a single phone thoroughly in your network environment before moving on to upgrading multiple endpoints. It can also be good practice to stage the upgrade (for example upgrade a single floor and observe results) before upgrading ALL phones.

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