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Non-GA 1.8.7-2291 Firmware to fix recurring issues
Last Updated 2 years ago

Non-GA 1.8.7-2291 was produced to fix a configuration reset error. While not GA, it is believed to be stable; however, all new firmware should be thoroughly tested before mass update.
This firmware has been used to fix the following on 1 or more models of phones:
1. Phone freezing - unknown cause that has only happened at some installations.

2. Configuration reset - unknown cause that has happened at some installations.

3. Phone reboots periodically for apparently no reason.

4. WAN/IP conflict - 'WAN/IP' conflict because it sends a ARP for on bootup before the interface has been completely initialized. 2291 seems to fix this issue. It is possible that other issues such as freezing and configuration loss are related to this error and other factors combined.

5. VxWorks WBD debug vulnerability - fixes vulnerability reported by vulnerability scanners on at least some models.

This firmware and/or configuration changes seem to stop most of the above issues.

WARNING: All firmware should be tested before mass deployed. 1.x phones are no longer produced and no new firmware patches will be made. A minor display bug was reported for 3300/2IP for this firmware, and other display phones might have such a bug.

There is also a known problem with the Display Name field within the SIP Configuration field. Example:a number, such as 3010 can be used or alphas and numbers ROOM3010 can be used, but ROOM 3010 (with a space) CAN NOT BE INPUT. It will cause the User Interface to show "Unapplied"

In order to update 1.x phones' firmware en-masse

You may either use an intermediate config file like the one attached, and place the firmware (SE2-1.8.7-2291.z) on the tftp server OR include the below config file module into your config files before the > marker.

We will describe the latter method of incorporating the module into existing config files. In a live environment there may be less down-time.Edit this file to have your correct tftp server in the auto Image Server Field, where this file says
Copy the Autoupdate Config Module section into your existing config files (at the bottom, before the > marker.

Increment your new config file Version number by 1 If it’s >Version:2.00025 – rename it to >Version:2.00026

Cycle power – the phone will reboot, check the new config file version # and apply the changes, which will cause it to download the new firmware and reboot.

However, it will try to download the firmware every time it reboots as long as the config file has this new module in it – so you will see a “Download Failed” error on the screen for 5 seconds after any reboot – just take the firmware file off the tftp server after the upgrades are done to avoid a real firmware download.

Auto Image Server : change to your tftp server
Auto Image Name :SE2-1.8.7-2291.z change to your correct firmware prefix
Auto Image User :
Auto Image Password:
Auto Image Protocol:2
Download Username :user
Download password :pass
Download Server IP :
Config File Key :
Download Protocol :1
Download Mode :0
Download Interval :1

Test that your syntax is all fine, but this worked well in testing, and should for you too.

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